The purpose of the Wilson Health Summit is to bring together providers of health and emergency services,  to design an ideal health care system for the region.

The Wilson Health Summit region: Bottineau, Burke, Dunn, McLean, McHenry, McKenzie, Mercier, Mountrail, Pierce, Renville, and Ward counties and Fort Berthold reservation.

The Wilson Health Summit will be facilitated by State & Tribal experts, along with Tony Lingham from Case Western University. The focus is on three major areas of need:





 The summit will utilize input from public meetings, health care professionals, research data, stakeholders, and from YOU.

Speaker-1A participant shares a story of positive team experience at a public meeting leading to the Wilson Health Summit.

A local man shares a story of triumph during one of the ten regional meetings in 2008 held by the Wilson Health Planning Cooperative.

Dr. Herb Wilson, the namesake of the summit, talks with a participant at one of the planning meetings. These community meetings were successful in bringing about the health summit.

Community input will be utilized in designing a better health system for the region, such as this woman’s entertaining story of perseverance.


December 8-10, 2014 New Town, N.D.

There is no fee to attend, and the summit is open to the public.

“We all deserve the same level of health care.

We have the ability.. to make sure health care is

Affordable, Deliverable, and Enjoyable.”

-The Wilson Report


About Wilson Health Cooperative

The summit is named for Dr. Herbert Wilson, a physician who dedicated himself to the health and welfare of both Native Americans and non-Native Americans for 43 years before he retired in 1995, when he then dedicated six more years at the 20 40 Health Clinic at Selfridge. Read more..

Dr.-Herb-WilsonDr. Wilson gathers with his family for a Sunday meal in Bismarck, ND.

How you can get involved: